Our Approach To Training


The following are the processes we engage prior to facilitating a training workshop:

Pre-Course Assessment

Prior to any training being rendered, we engage with the coordinators or propagators of the training to establish the motivation behind the training and the current or future gaps that need to be closed by the intervention. We believe that any training identified should contribute towards the attainment of strategic, business unit or individual goals and objectives. Engagements will also be made with the participants to establish their expectations from the program. The information gleaned from this process will be adapted to customize the material.

80 – 20 Approach

The facilitation of our workshops are based on the 80 – 20 principle. The principle states that 80% of the workshop will be practical and engaging through the application of:
a.Case studies
b.Group exercises
d.Buzz groups
e.Brain storming
f.Video watching
h.Plenary sessions
The 20% will be dedicated to lectures which are meant to introduce a topic and/or conclude it.


At the end of the program, participants are accorded either a certificate of attendance or a certificate competence.